–  Opening of the new Franchise: George, Western Cape

On behalf of myself and my partner business partner Ian Gooden, I would formally like to extend our thanks to the Core Holdings Group and particularly their franchising division, for their total support, dedication and commitment in ensuring that our dream of opening a second store in George was realised.

From the initial store design concept to the actual set-up and opening was carried out in a matter of months !  A team of Core franchising staff where even on-site and worked tirelessly with us to ensure we were ready for the grand opening on 27th February 2017.  This was a truly fantastic team effort and achievement.

This hands-on approach was also backed up by a host of PR, marketing and advertising initiatives which ensured that the new store received the necessary attention and exposure to the marketplace of the Garden Route.

A note of thanks and appreciation must also be extended to our local suppliers who were involved with this project from the outset.  They also assisted with merchandising support which ensured we opened the doors of our visually attractive and well stocked store on time.

Our sincerest appreciation to you all.
Ian O’Connor