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For a potential Franchisee to be successful in their application, it is of utmost importance that their profile fits that of the Franchisor. At Core Catering we look for the following traits in our potential Franchisees:

  • Ideally have some hospitality background
  • Be service orientated
  • Be a owner / operator
  • Have sufficient funds to cover franchise purchase as well as working capital of about 30% of initial expenditure
  • Potential Franchisee is well suited and sufficiently funded from the beginning



Finding appropriate premises is key to a successful operation. The Franchisor’s extensive experience in this regard, will help the Franchisee to make the right decision. All aspects in terms of size, pricing, location and operational suitability will be assessed by the Franchisor once a property has been proposed by the Franchisee. Lease negotiations can be guided too, but it is up to the Franchisee to make use of legal services where appropriate. Stores range from a minimum 200sqm to a large 400sqm.



The cost of a Franchise is obviously dependent on the size of Franchise operated and will include: Full Set Up, Training as well as Stock.

  • Starting from R 950 000 ex vat with working capital in the region of R 250 000.
  • Franchise fees are based on Turnover and are calculated at 5% of nett sales.
  • Marketing fees are calculated at 1% of nett sales.

Financing can in certain circumstances be arranged, but the prospective Franchisee will need to have no less than 50% available in cash and acceptable security for the balance.

In some instances the Franchisor may decide to partner with the porspective Franchisee, but this is subject to an individual assessment of each proposal.

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