Frequently Asked Questions


How much will it cost me to buy a franchise?
Starting from R 950 000 ex vat with working capital in the region of R 250 000. Franchise fees are calculated at 5% of nett Turnover. Marketing fees are calculated at 1% of Turnover.


When did Core Catering start franchising out stores?
In 2008 Core Catering decided that it would enhance the business model to change from wholly owned stores to owner operated Franchises, thereby growing the business without the trappings of exceeding stockholdings and ever increasing staff compliment, which ultimately would lead to a slow and less service orientate and productive enterprise.


How many branches does Core Catering have?
12 in South Africa & 2 abroad


Who will be my clients?
Hotels. Restaurants. Coffee Shops. Bars. Night Clubs. Sports Clubs. Hospitals. Schools. Government-, Corporate- and Business Canteens. In fact, wherever people gather to eat is business for Core. Think of shopping malls!


Can I sell to the general public as well?
Core Stores attract walk –in or retail business with its “factory shop” feel, but you should see this as a bonus.


How many staff will I have to employ?
Medium size stores will have 6 staff members & the owner.
( 1 x driver / 1 x shop assistant / 1 x inhouse sales re / 2 x outbound sales reps / 1 x admin / 1 x owner  as manager )


How much turnover will I do when starting out?
We will give you a sense of the opportunity in your area and, where we have traded and are now opening the opportunity for a franchise, we can show you what revenue you can expect to generate in that area.


Do I have a set area to trade in?
Yes, all franchised areas have a clearly defined geographical footprint.


What are the trading hours?
Monday to Friday – 08:30 to 17:00
Saturdays – 09:00 to 13:00
Closed Sundays & Public Holidays